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the ABCs of kdlb

For fun, I went through the ABCs with Zuly smile

Act your age? Not always!
Born on what day of the week? Sunday
Chore you hate? Cleaning the fridge, especially if there’s anything moldy.
Dad’s name? Len
Essential makeup item? I own more eyeshadow than any other makeup item, but if I was to pick one thing that I need to put on before leaving the house, its mascera.
Favorite actor? Along the lines of Zuly’s pick, I must say Tyler Christopher. Yum.
Gold or silver? SILVER, absolutely
Hometown? Born in Kalamazoo, MI.
Instruments you play? Piano. in HS, I played Clairinet.
Job title? Support Services team for SixApart.
Kids? just doting over my niece at the moment.
Living arrangements? married.
Mom’s name? Noralee
Need? sleep
Overnight hospital stays? nope.
Phobias? I’m not too keen on heights.
Quote you like? a silly HS one: Smile, its the 2nd best thing to do with your lips. tounge out
Religious affiliation? Seventh-day Adventist, but not actively participating in the church.
Siblings? four, all younger.
Time you wake up? it varies greatly, but usually around 9ish and then up for an hour and then back down for a nap.
Unique talent? hmmmm, unique? I make people giggle.
Vegetable you refuse to eat? kale. my parents grew it when I was little, and made us eat it. ick, its like spinach but 200 times worse!
Worst habit? biting my nails, they are all the way bit off as far as they could be right now.
X-rays you’ve had? left leg multiple times for my ankle issues; then a cat scan. multiple cat scans on my face before face surgery.
Yummy food you make? Macaroni and Cheese from scratch.
Zodiac Sign? Taurus


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