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leah's birthday party

Last week, I talked about making a cake for Leah’s first birthday. Not just any cake, the traditional first birthday cake that my grandma made for my siblings. When she died, I asked if I could have some of her cake pans, and one of them that I inherited was a Panda Bear shaped pan. So of course, I offered to make it for Leah’s birthday, thinking I’d do some trial runs beforehand because I’d never done anything that ambitious.

But I’m a procrastinator, and the trial runs never came.

Luckily, I worked hard and did my best, and it came out good!

The first half of the pictures on Leah is 1! go through the cake making process.

leah’s panda bear

So for Thursday and Friday of last week, I spent a bit of time baking and then decorating. I wanted enough time to have to do the baking again if it didn’t turn out good.

The party was Saturday afternoon, and Leah was such a good girl. She acted more well behaved than her older cousins :giggle:

I was so excited about the stuff I got for Leah. I found a Strawberry Shortcake outfit on the clearance rack a month ago, and knew it would be perfect coming from me (I tend to be known as the Strawberry shotcake girl!). Its shorts with a spaghetti strap top that has Strawberry Shortcake on the front. its adorable. And then I searched until I found the perfect board book. She’s been enjoying the ones at mom’s house, and so I wanted to find her one for her house. After some searching, I found Counting Kisses and fell in love with it. We actually went and looked through it at Barnes and Noble and bought it there, so that was nice. Then Megan found a bowl/plate/spoon/etc. set that was strawbery shortcake to match the outfit AND her parent’s new dishes have little strawberries and apples around them. smile

The party went nicely, I got a ton of happy people about my cake, and just a good time all the way around.

leah is one


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Ohhh it turned out beautifully smile

your cake came out great! my mom used to make cakes like that all the time when we were little smile Leah is so cute!

What great photos. And what a cute cake! I’m really impressed.

I’ll have to fly you down for my birthday! wink That cake turned out so well, and it sounds like a great time was had by all. Yay!

Wow! You are quite the baker & cake decorator!!! I never have gotten the hang of the icing tips - but they sure are fun to play with smile

One year birthdays are so much fun ... here are a few pictures from my niece’s one year—she LOVED her cake. hehe.

what a lovely cake! it looks so festive! i am sure leah will love looking back at pictures of her first birthday cake!

um... *testing typekey login*
great job girly-pie... turned out awesome! makes me all inspired to festiv-ate some sort of celebratory event soon with such sweet decorations!

Edited to add an actual picture of the birthday girl!! strawberry

She is such a cutie-pie, it almost makes me want one of my very own! ha ha! What a little angel. The cake turned out ADORABLE! Way to go, Aunt K! You rock!

Aww you did a beautiful job, Kristine! I love it!!! And your niece is such a cutie smile

I had a panda cake for my first birthday, too! smile And also a doll cake, if I remember. Cool! I love the way yours turned out!

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