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MT 3.0 updated pricing

The updated product information and pricing has now been released for Movable Type 3.0D.

Read through the beautiful Product overview and then hop on over to the pricing guides (most of my readers are probably personals). I really think these changes are good and will be met with satisfied smiles.

Basic overview on personal licenses?

1 author | 3 weblogs = free
5 authors | unlimited weblogs = 69.95
unlimited authors | unlimited weblogs = 99.95

Mena wrote more about Six Apart’s decision and changes on the Six Log. A lot of people have worked really hard on getting things back to right. Now I’m actually excited about reading feedback again. smile


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A definite improvement! Good work 6A.

For once in my life, cynical little me had complete faith in something I didn’t have much control over. And it all worked out beautifully. smile

Kudos to 6A! smile

Yeah, feedback should be safe to read now. laughing I have to say that I’m very happy with the changes. I feel much more comfortable about going with MT 3 now. smile

Honestly, this is fine news indeed. I was planning on continuing with MT, as none of the other tools I tried in my first knee-jerk reaction to the first draft licenses (esp. that 1 CPU server clause) has all the customizability that I’ve come to take for granted with MT, and just dealing with the restrictions on weblogs + authors as best I could. I’ll be buying me a personal license soon....

This is a fine example of how 6A has listened to customer feedback and come up with positive changes, and I wish that they were getting as much positive publicity for this as they got of "sturm und drang" knee-jerk reactions when the first draft licenses were unveiled.

Yes, it’s a welcome change. It’s retroactive though, right? My license now says unlimited. I think this is extremely fair. heart

I was very pleased to see the new personal licensing. I am currently not using Movable Type, but it’s good to know that I could switch back to it and it would be at a reasonable price, for good features. smile

Whoo hoo! I think it’s fantastic, wonderful news. Once I got over my cynical knee jerk reaction, I had faith that this would all work out in the end.

Whoo hoo!!!

I’m really happy to see the new price scheme - I think this is a lot more along the lines of what people were expecting with the paid version, and I don’t find it to be unreasonable at all. Kudos to 6A for listening to their users and making the adjustment. smile

Great news! It’s probably a little late for some people. Hope they learned their lesson and don’t limit their licenses drasticly and suddenly again! smile

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