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still among the living

just in case people worried because I haven’t posted for a few days, I’m still okay. Between 1st birthday parties and the cake, house looking and stuff, trying to keep up on work, and then a migraine from hell today, I’m just pooped! tomorrow, I’ll try to share some pictures and more news, as long as this after-headache will stay away. smile


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Migraines seem to be going around in the blogs I read, and I dealt with one of my own over the weekend. sad Take care of yourself and get some rest. I hope you’re feeling great soon. smile

I hope you feel better soon, hon.

zzzzzzzz . . . me too! glad you’re okay!

I stayed home from work today because of my afterheadache crap. My head is soooo wooly. And we’re expecting thunderstorms later, so I wonder if I’m in for round 2. sigh. feel better!!

Goodness, migraines really are going around! I’m suffering from my third in as many days. Yuck. I hope you feel better (and stay feeling better!) soon! flower

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