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cake for dinner

I’m so excited because my Panda Bear cake came out of the pan all smoothly and perfectly. Tomorrow, I’ll decorate him, but at least I have a good start by not having to piece him together smile

I had cake batter left, so I had to make a regular pan of cake too. laughing I couldn’t stand it, smelling all the wonderful cake smell with the panda and then not get to eat any. :giggle: So I cooked cake for dinner. We don’t need any real dinner do we? Just cake sounds nice. smile

This is the first night I’ve been at home and not having to go out for some reason in 2 weeks. So I’m happy to be just in my jammies and staying in for the evening. Its part of being an I (of ISTJ); I am recharged by internal time.

I have other things to chat about, but I’m gonna clean up the office a bit. smile


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I’m impressed about the cake. I’d probably have to have a few tries before getting a perfect result. I often say that my desserts may not be the prettiest, but they sure are tasty. smilelaughing Cake sounds good. I should check to see if I have ingredients for one myself.

I’m still not entirely sure how the cake thing works. Is it two halves? How on earth do you get it to sit up? It seems like it’d be too heavy.

I guess I’m just going to have to eat ... er... see one in person. ;)

(btw, your SarcasticGeeks webring link is misspelled. You missed an "a". smile )

Eat some cake for me!

Gosh I’m glad your cake came out OK! I really like Pandas! :giggle! Well golly gee I hope to hear from you! Have a superterrific day!

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