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after all that hullabaloo

Will Blog For Spare ChangeDo know how much my license MT cost me? How many millions of dollars? After applying our donation keys, and the beta tester discount, my license cost us: $12 hee hee. laughing maybe I should go donate to the miss melissa and A fund for MT. wink


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I purchased my license last week - and just today got the notice that I get a 50% discount for beta testing! (Mine would have cost me about $15 total to begin with if I had used my PictureYourself key with the rest of them, but I want to keep that one separate and I’m not upgrading it.) I already paid my $35; I should ask if I could donate them my discount!

Beta tester discount? That’s news to me. Any idea where I can find out about that?

That’s exactly what I thought! wink

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