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door in my way

owwie... I just walked to the bathroom, like I normally do, in the dark. I’m up working for a bit longer. Through the laundry part and BANG, I ran face-first into the door that E had shut between the two sections of the bathroom. Oww. I wouldn’t doubt it if my face/nose is bruised in the morning, I hit pretty hard. My goodness, I’m a big dork. It just is too dark to go from a lighted computer area and walk straight into the dark apparently! But that door is never closed, so I totally wasn’t feeling first for it. Duh!


I hope it didn’t leave a mark! Ouchi sad

I’ve done that myself several years back--thankfully no brusing, but since then, if I’m walking in the dark, I stick my arms out first when I think I’m near a door or where a doorway should be!blush

I hope you don’t have any bruises when you wake up! Matt always tells me that I walk around in the dark too much, but it’s just easier to do that sometimes than to mess with turning on and turning off a light and worrying about waking him up.

Ouch! sad I’m a big dork too though. heart


Ouch! sad I bet that hurt! Hope you don’t have any bruises!