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sore and tired

I’ve been paying this week for the extravagent usage of energy over the weekend. I’m still quite sore, and extra tired. I’m blessed, though, to have been able to be an active part of my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do nearly as much as I did; I know that’s a good sign.

Still, I wish the pain would go away. My back is in such knots that my tummy has been upset for much of the week. I’ve needed to take extra naps to repair whatever inside of me is crying at the extra strain.

Besides that, we’ve gone out and looked at house twice this week, and that’s some extra work that I probably should have rested instead of participating in, but I couldn’t help it, I wanted to see! We have another one to look at friday night. I just hope that when the time comes to make an offer and then pack and then move, I’ll be on top of my health again and not turn into a basketcase trying to do it all!

Its friday, which means its almost the weekend, and maybe with the weekend will come some extra backrubs to relax my body and mind. smile


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I’m sorry that you’re feeling poorly, but that is VERY exciting to be looking at houses! I thought you had a house already? Good luck with your search! Keep us posted!

Interested in some information... I think I have CFIDS and live in the Vancouver area... did you ever find a Dr that you trusted that could give you some answers or at least not look at you like you were insane when you described your symptomsconfused

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