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sensitive skin

My arms itch. Yesterday or the day before, my elbows were really dry and it was hot so my skin was a bit more peely than normal. So I put on some lotion. Its bath and body works body treatment lotion, pretty basic stuff, so I figured I was safe. But my skin is *really* sensitive. I have little hive looking things that have been growing since then, and they itch! Its driving me batty!

I tried washing my arms with basic soap to see if that made a difference to making it stop itching, but no luck. I guess I’m gonna have to take some benedryl or look for calamine, but I’m fairly sure we don’t have any calamine.

Oops. No more lotion for my arms! bug


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Hi,My name Is Joanne Im 13yr and I have *really* sensitive skin..I cant wear skirts,shorts,nothing short!I have these marks in my legs and its really embarssing even in *hot* days i wear long pants,I hope there is something to stop this,I spent many money on products...I even cry...

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