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logo game - fast food

LogoGame.com - Fast Food

This has been up in my browser for several days and I have filled in a few at a time when I flipped between tabs. smile

I got 18 of them (well, 17, but I am sure of an 18th and just can’t get the punctuation correct to be accepted by the script.). I’m gonna have to be on the lookout when driving through down for the ones I don’t recognize right away. smile

[via miss melissa of course!]


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If it’s the Star you’re having problems with, it’s not Carl’s Jr. I tried that one over and over, until I googled "Carl’s Jr." and found out it’s also another restaurant. (Starts with an "H") ;)

Hee, that was fun! I’m playing the other logo games on the site, too. Thanks for linking to that site! smile

Yep, the one with an H is what we call them out here on the East Coast! I grew up with the H-restaurant but never heard of Carl’s Jr. until I was much older.

what’s happened is that Carl’s Jr. actually bought out/over the H-restaurant... and is slowly starting to integrate some of it’s menu into the other stores.. hence to liberal interchange and use of the tell-tale star logo!

I spent forever trying to figure out what they wanted for the smiling star. I tried carls jr, carls junior, carl’s jr, carl’s junior, carl’s jr until I finally discovered that it wasn’t Carl’s Jr, but I think they should have accepted both since it’s the exact same logo.

Are yall talking about hardees?