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package woes

I’ve been looking forward to a certain package all week (i thought it was coming monday-ish) and now I find out its gonna be at least another 10 days. Hopefully these 10 or so days will go quickly, but then again, I have a lot to do in the next 10 or so days (Sarah and Leonard’s wedding is the 23rd!!!) So I guess its not such a big deal to wait because I will be busy!! smile Silver lining on my cloudy news, ya know?


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Same thing just happened with me. laughing I think I sabotage myself though... I want something to come so badly that there ends up being a problem with it. confused The week is going to fly by and you won’t even notice your package. blush

I so know that feeling! I’m waiting on my modem for my broken TiVo and it can’t get here fast enough! fishy

I absolutely dislike it when I am anxiously waiting for a package to arrive. I find myself pacing past the door or checking to see if the mail came. It’s like an OCD. *lol*

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