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lunch with dad

Yesterday morning, my dad called to ask if I would go to lunch with him. He’s doing all of the food for Sarah and Leonard’s wedding, and he wanted some brainstorming quanity help from me. There will be 60-70 people there and its gonna be a light buffet with salads and little sandwiches.

So we had a nice TGIFriday’s lunch and then drove a few other places while we were out.

He broke the news to me that Matthew is back in juvie. Truthfully, I’m surprised he was out as long as he was. He didn’t even try barely to clean up his act. There’s a very huge chance that he won’t be out for Leonard’s wedding. He’s for sure not passing freshman year.

But the rest of the plans for the wedding are going okay. I need to finish these pew bows up and start setting out the things that are here to be brought to the church.

Oh, here’s a quick poll... do most weddings have a program that is handed out when the guests come? Or is that just an Adventist thing? Sarah doesn’t think she needs one, but the more I think about it, I think that most all weddings I’ve been to have at least a brief listing of the ceremony and participants.


I’ve been to weddings that have programs and ones that haven’t. I didn’t have one, I didn’t feel the need, but if they are having a long, drawn-out ceremony with a huge wedding party then I’d recommend it. It kinda gives the guests an idea of what’s happening, and how much longer they are going to be there! smile

Our wedding had a program, although the format was dictated by the church (Roman Catholic). It wasn’t required, and was left up to us if we wanted one or not.

I think it’s kind of nice to have one. Lets people know what to expect and the sequence of things.

I’ve been to weddings that had programs and some that didn’t. I don’t think it’s just an Adventist thing.

most of the weddings i'v been to have them and, though mine will probably be small, i think i’m going to have them as well.

We had a wedding program and a reception program. Just thought it would be a nice idea. I thought that all weddings had programs!

Sorry about Matthew. sad I can’t imagine how stressful and painful that whole situation is.

Programs are pretty much the norm for weddings I’ve attended. Our wedding, however, didn’t have one, because it was small, informal(ish) and outside. But we did send programmish information in the mail beforehand, so. . .in other words, I’m no help. Sorry.blush

I’m sorry about Matthew, hon.

Lots of people do - I did - but just as many don’t, I think - you’re fine either way.

I’m sorry about Matthew, dear. {{hugs}}

We had a program at ours, so I don’t think it’s strictly an Adventist thing. smile I think it’s a nice thing to have, so you know who the soloist is, or what song is being sung, or what’s next. It’s also nice so you can gauge how long is left in the ceremony if you’re bored. ;) Just my 2¢. smile

Sorry to hear about Matthew. He’s really choosing to make things difficult for himself, isn’t he? I’m here if you need to talk chica. smile