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music is back

I’m so excited - E recovered all of my stuff on the second drive that failed a week or so back. Including my music. smile Working with good music going definately makes me work better! And I can finally listen to Sarah’s Stupid again, which keeps floating into my head all the time!!

A few noteworthy tracks that I can’t help but share... Evanescense - Going Under , Dido - My Lover’s Gone No Angel, Sarah McLachlan - Stupid Afterglow, Vanessa Carlton - Paint It Black Be Not Nobody

Yay! Now I need to get my newest CD ripped so I can listen to it too. smile


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Yeah on getting your stuff back! smile

Good music definitely helps work! I’m glad you were able to get your music back. I’ve started needing music whenever I’m working because it keeps me from focusing on the outside noise around the apartment.

That Vanessa Carlton song would be perfect for Kymberlie’s Burn It project. blush

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