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p22 fonts

a few days ago, Kymberlie fishy pointed out that P22 was having a sale on fonts. Yippee! So I went and looked and played to see which ones I liked the most.

Fastforward to tonight when I’m cleaning up the tabs on my browser window. Kymberlie’s post was still up, along with about 5 tabs of fonts I was looking at. Ooooh, the first words in K’s post? Today only. Durh, I don’t know why I assumed longer!!!

Hmm. I may still have to get these two sets that I *really* like: FLLW Terracotta and Garamouche. Both come with alternate letters and ornaments that match the style of the font wonderfully. That always helps me tie things together better. I love them. Unique but readable.

Oh, and I love their user-submitted example of Dearest: University of Oregon calendars - its my mountain on the front of it!! smile

I wrote this last night and just now realized that it was still sitting here. laughing


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Thanks a lot for making my wishlist at MyFonts.com a couple of items longer. laughing

Ooh, Garamouche is nice and is exactly what I’m looking for in ornaments. Thanks! heart

I have Terracotta and I *love* it!

Yay P22 fonts!

You need to pay attention to the little details...

Well, as part of the love in, I want to tell you that I love your blog because you are really funny. What other reason? Too many to list.

Garamouche, Garamouche, can you do the font-dango?musicmusic

Oops. That’ll be in my head for the rest of the evening.ha ha!

Garamouche is my all time favorite font. Garamond would be my 2nd fave. You have GREAT taste!


Btw, you should have an e-mail about this. smile

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