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no (good) music

So without my second hard drive that has all my music files on it, I decided to try out the CD player again. It had been having a bunch of problems the last time I used it... it would start loading up a song and then just sit there until it felt like really playing. Well, now its not even recognizing the disks. sad That’s sad, the CD player is really only ummmm 6 years or so old.... okay, I guess that’s probably considered pretty old. At some point, we’ll have to look at getting another one I suppose.

The radio is on, its just not as much fun as the mp3s on random or the 5 CDs I had put in to listen to!! smile

The 5 CDs? Sarah’s Afterglow, Dido’s Life for Rent, Evanescence, Michelle Branch’s Hotel Paper, and Roswell Soundtrack smile


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Yeah, it just may be time to get a new CD drive. laughing

Try www.radioparadise.com (and winamp).

What’s a "CD Player?" I no understand laughing

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