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alligators downstairs

The dark doesn’t scare me that much, its mainly what I imagine could be in the dark. So I walk all the way down the stairs in the dark (to get some water and my drugs that were on the table down there) and when I get to the bottom step, I turn the light on really quick to make sure there’s nothing down there. I don’t know what I expect to (not) see - a mouse? Snakes? A big Alligator?? The boogey man?? :giggle:

But I don’t want the light to wake up E with the door open upstairs, so I turn it back off really fast. Then I walk across the downstairs in the dark until I get to the next light switch.

Yes, I’m a goof. tounge out


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I’m a goof too, I’m the same way... always thinking there’s got to be something in my house. confused

Stephen King won’t dangle any limbs off the bed, for fear to this day that the Thing Under the Bed might grab him. You’re in good company.laughing

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