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sad loss

This was absolutely shocking to me, as Crys was a frequent help on the MT forums Woman struck, killed by train sad

Is it inapproriate to mention this on my blog? I didn’t know Crys very well, but I respected that she always gave good advice and talked to her on a regular basis via the forums. sad Seen in this support thread.


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I don’t think it’s wrong at all - the blogosphere is a small place at times, and while I don’t frequent the MT forums (but I will have time to do so again soon!), it’s still good to know that the information is passed on and that she is honored across the web.

Oh, how horrible. Her family and friends are in my thoughts. Thanks for letting us know. sad

That’s so shocking. sad I’m so sorry to hear Crys has died, I have seen her around the forums but also didn’t know her well.

That is awful news. I am so sorry to hear that. sad How horrid!

I’m so sorry to hear about your friend...very tragic.

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