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family saga

And the world just gets crazier every day. My world, at least. Matthew is in more trouble. Lisa rolled her car, but is okay. The cops had to come because Matthew was being so angry. Lisa didn’t think anybody would care about her enough to tell her yesterday when she had the accident. Matthew may not even have one credit to his name when this school year is over. Lisa’s car is the cute silver one that used to be mine.

I was more worried about this right after Leonard called to tell me. Now I’m starting to accept all this news. Which makes me feel worse, if that’s possible. LOL!

My goodness, and here I thought we would have a nice calm family get together tomorrow. I should know better than that by now! tounge out

Before tomorrow, I must finish dad’s business cards and print him a few Leah pictures to bring on the road with him (Grandpa’s bragging album, he says!). And it would be really nice if I could get a handful of envelopes done for Sarah so she doesn’t think I am such a slow poke. smile


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Oh, Kristine! How stressful. sad I’m continuing to hope that everything works out - take care of yourself prheart

*hugs* Take care of yourself. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

Oh, geez, Lady K. {{HUGS}} I’m sorry things are so crazy. What happened with Lisa and Matthew? Why won’t he have credits? And how is Leonard doing now??

You guys are all ni my thoughts. luvya

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