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rollover menus

I am so impressed with myself. I just reduced a javascript rollover menu from a huge amount of code (used Dreamweaver initially to make it, and their code is so bloated!) to a mini little css-based thing! Once I get this done, I’ll try and write up some tutorials or something so that it can help other people. One thing that was bugging me was the blinking background image when testing in IE. But I remembered seeing a link just recently to CSS Fast Rollovers Without Preload - Updated, and even though I didn’t want to have to redo the images by turning them into a single image for each rollover like the Sliding Doors technique. But, the idea of putting the image to show on mouseover as the background, and then putting images attached to the links. On hover, the images changes transparent, letting the background image show through! Yeah, it took me a few times of reading that to really catch on, too wink anyhow, this acts mainly as notes for me when I look for where I found this later on. computer


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The "Fast Rollovers Without Preload" are what I’m going to try to use at the top of my content on my Mila skin. All of those links are hopefully going to be tabs. smile It sounds like your tutorial could be very timely for me. I’ll keep a watch out for it. laughing

CSS. Eyes. Bleeding.

Next week I’ll start reading the book. I promise!

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