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Firefox Extensions

I reset my profile on Firefox when I was working on a new theme (my images with some tweaking of another theme), and so I’m reinstalling my extensions. Figured maybe this list would help somebody else. smile

  • EditCSS: I can’t live without this when working on the MT forums - its a bit easier to use than the bookmarklet because I can right click or click an icon on my toolbar to automatically open the stylesheet in the sidebar AND see the edits immediately on the screen.
  • Tabbrowser Extensions - I can’t live without this one; I tried the last few weeks when the version of Firefox I had wasn’t working nicely with TBE. The popups inside of the MT interface weren’t opening up, and so I had to turn it off for a bit. But now I’ve got it turned back on and I’m way happier. smile I use it to open target="_blank" links in new tabs instead of windows, and for easier organization of the tabs I have open. Which is a lot most of the time!!
  • All in one Gestures - I used a separate software program to handle gestures before, but the company stopped supporting it and so it wasn’t working well with newer versions of programs. This is a great way for to save on keystrokes for things like back and forward.
  • Link Toolbar adds a bar at the bottom of my screen to easily go up or to other links mentioned in the page.
  • PNH Developer’s Toolbar and Web Developer - a bunch of untilities for web developers like outlining block elements, easy access to validation, and so on. I just wish I could keep them on the same toolbar so that they weren’t on top of each other taking up an extra line of space. Hmmm, maybe I'lla sk about that.
  • CuteMenus: they are just so cute, and accent the right click menus nicely.
  • Flash Click to View: like the description says, it restores sanity to your browsing session. That and right clicking to block images from a specific site make me get much less surprising crap on commercial sites.
  • IE View - easily open up the same page in IE. Helpful for testing a page w/o having to c&p the URL. This is a new discovery, but should be very helpful for working in the forums - a lot of people report issues with their templates/stylesheets and they end up being IE issues, so I can’t see them right off the bat in Firefox.
  • Copy Image: I was so used to this function in IE that I was doing it without thinking and then looking for it on my menus all the time. smile I promise, I’m not using this for bad reasons, I always give credit; usually its a picture on my own site I’m copying to do a quick change in photoshop!


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Flash Click to View keeps me sane. Truly.heart

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