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random day stuff

While sitting here helping on the MT forums and tweaking my browser skin, I’ve been listing to a few of my favorite (and newer) albums on random, and they are just so happy to my heart.
Sarah’s Afterglow, Dido’s Life For Rent, Michelle’s Hotel Paper, Jennifer Knapp’s Diamond In the Rough, and the Roswell Soundtrack. Plus, I love that I can click the "currently listening to" button in Zempt and have the title and stuff appear. I’ve got it set up to use my music macro (from the winamp hoverable tutorial) and that makes it auto-create all those links. Spiffy!

We spent a bunch of the day with my siblings, putting the last of Sarah and Leonard’s invitations together, and oohing and ahh-ing over Leah. Her newest accomplishment is waving. We’ll say "hi Leah" and she’ll start waving at us... we’ve been waving across the room and stuff at her since it always makes her smile, so now she’s catching on. Its so adorable. smile She’ll be 9 months old next week. Can you believe that much time has past?!

We ate really yummy food, too. Well, except that I ate more of the Caeser Salad than I should have because my dad made it extra strong this time. I swear, I’m gonna be breathing garlic for days!

When I get typing too fast on the forums, its really easy for me to type Krisitne as my name. :giggle:

It’s now the time of the day to take my drugs and then start playing whatever my game of the moment is. (right now, that’s Rachet and Clank) Which usually means in about a half an hour, the characters will start to get fuzzy and I’ll walk off cliffs accidently. wink Why yes, they do make me drowsy, why do you ask?! laughing


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Oh! I’m Chrisitne a lot of times too! Don’t you just hate it when you do that?

Leah sounds absolutely precious! I can’t believe she is waving already!

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