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busy family day

I’m sore. And tired. But happy!

This evening, we had our first "invitation-put-together night"! I finished printing the cardstock and velum, and Sarah and Leonard and Leah, and Megan came over for dinner and then we cut and started attaching the pieces. Its so nice to have everything printed finally, after spending time off and on for the last week working on the bases for this! I still will do the envelopes and map enclosures, but the big stuff is finished. Oh, and Open Office did work really nicely, and didn’t crash even once for me like Word was doing. What a tremendous relief! I do believe this suite will stay installed on my system. smile

I couldn’t fall back asleep this morning after I had my breakfast, so I already was tired when I started working on projects. Groceries came at 1, and I cleaned in between while watching soaps too, and did a lot of up and down the stairs to start more batches printing while I waited. Made mini cheesecakes (I’ll put my adapted recipe up on theredkitchen tomorrow) after my groceries got here and put away. Worked on a fun craft project of a box to put programs in. Started pizza dough. Megan dropped by, and helped with the pizza. Leonard and Sarah came and we played with Leah for a while before finishing the pizza and eating. And then when we were done, we spent about an hour working on the invitations! We got maybe half of them done, with most of the paper cutting finished, so we’ll work on putting the rest together this weekend.

I collapsed after they left, watching Angel from laying on the floor because sitting up on the couch sounded like way too work. I took a few hours of a nap before getting back up to pee and take my drugs. The drugs are starting to kick in, and so I’m surfing while I wait. smile

Tomorrow simply must be more rest. But it was such a fun evening, and that’s the important thing. smile


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