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engr of printing

Printing wedding invitations should require an engineering degree. Measuring the distance between elements on the page and then reversing the paper to print on the other side is a lot of work! I have a sheet of paper covered with dimensions and notes by now. Shesh! But they are gonna be pretty, and Sarah’s gonna be all happy with me when I have them all printed so we can cut and put them together. As long as I can survive the card stock (2 sides), velum, and envelopes (oh man!)!!!! laughing

Now I just need to figure out how to save the paper size so that I don’t have to keep entering it in as a "user defined" size every time I change something!!


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depending on what you are using you might be able to modify one of the existing paper types in the program, so it fit’s your measurements, be sure you pick a kind you never plan to use tho.

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