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hair before and after

This vain moment is being brought to you by the letter M and the number 1. M is for Megan, who asked if I wanted to come along. 1 is the number of hours it took to transform me.

I promised pictures a few weeks ago, but for whatever reason, I just kept forgetting. And these after pictures are self portraits, so they aren’t quite as clear as the befores, which Megan took.

The length isn’t quite as drastic as the pictures look - but I did get a lot of the thinned out length chopped to give the ends a healthy look. That makes it curl a bit more, so it feels shorter. Its probably only a couple inches shorter really. Plus, she gave me a few soft layers - there’s shorter pieces around my face, and a bit more fullness overall. The color is a nice rich brown, pretty close to my actual color, with a shine of Red in it. The highlight color isn’t what I expected, but I fell in love with it once I started looking in the mirror. She made it a bit blonder to start with, and then when I was shocked, she toned it down with a bit of reddish tint to make it all blend better. I feel like I have ribbons woven into my hair. I love it, that’s the sensation I always wanted to feel like. (I was one of those girls who always was braiding ribbons and yarn into my hair, and at Christmas time, the uncles stuck all the bows on my head!) Long story short, I love it. I hope that I can find a budget for doing this again, and that the touch up work won’t be too spendy if I want to make it look fresh again before Leonard’s wedding.

I feel pretty!!! smile


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Looks good, Kristine! I could do with a haircut, and probably a colour too. Colour me jealsou. laughing

you look beautiful! smile heart

i like it! laughing very pretty!

You’re so cute!! I love how your hair turned out. So pretty.

You’re so cute!! I love how your hair turned out. So pretty.

It looks fantastic! kiss

It looks so nice!! And yellow is your color! Pretty woman smile

You look great! I wish I had hair like yours, curls are just so beautiful. prheart

Lookin' good chickie. smile

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