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tucows gets blogrolling

Tucows Acquires BlogRolling.com

Tucows ... acquires popular BlogRolling.com weblog tracking service.

Woah. That’s big. It looks like they are unveiling their new blog system (Blogware) at the same time, and so I wonder if they will stop making BlogRolling available to other blog systems. That’s been one thing I’ve always been able to count on because Jason (blogrolling’s creator) was a blogger himself first, and then created the system. A bigger company taking over could be more unaware of what has gone on in the blogging community in the past to lead up to the need for blogrolling’s services, despite promises otherwise. We’ll see, I suppose.

That being said, I have a gold account with blogrolling, so all features are active, and I love the system; its the best I’ve found for managing my links. smile

Blogware looks like something that a reseller/hosting provider can offer packaged hosting deals with the blogware program.

The Blogrolling news page has more info, and the press release is at Yahoo.


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I hope things don’t change but it’s cool for Jason. I have a gold account too .

An email I recieved from TuCows states that they will absolutely not limit blogrolling to any one particular blogging software.

Oh, thanks Theresa, I have that email in my mailbox now too. smile That’s good news! smile

Wow. That came as kind of a shock. I’m glad for Jason. I have a Gold Account also, which doesn’t expire until next year (I believe). I really hope the service only goes up from here. I’d hate to see some of my favorite features and things disappear. smile

you should read this.
AccordionGuy works for Tucows, so he knows what is up.

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