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hair do...

Yesterday, Megan and me went out to be pampered. We got our hair cut and dyed! The dying is a first for me, and I haven’t had a real person cut it for at least 15 years. Its not too short, but with some added texture on the bottoms, so it looks healthy again. So yeah, it was so nice, and turned out really pretty. And E kept saying how cute I looked, so that was a nice side benefit. :giggle:

I had no energy today as a result of yesterday’s busyness, so I didn’t shower to look pretty to take AFTER pictures to pair with my BEFORE - I’ll try for that tomorrow. smile


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I can’t wait to see some after pictures! I bet you look even cuter than usual, which I didn’t even know was possible. heart

i can’t wait to see the pictures either!

Can’t wait to see the pictures either. blush I think hair stuff is the best kind of pampering.

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