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wedding dresses and thai food

Sarah’s wedding dress came in today (a month+ sooner than we anticipated!), and so I got to go with her to see it and stuff. It fits really nicely, but may need a bit of alternations to the hem so its not quite so long in the front. The simple veil looks good with it, and we liked how the fuller slip worked out. The veil is the one I made for my wedding. smile So I got to see Leah and hang out with Sarah for a while, and it was nice.

Then I got home just before E, so I was still all dressed and stuff, so he decided we should go to dinner. He wanted something different, so we went to the Thai restaurant. It was okay, but far from my favorite - I got pineapple fried rice. I like chinese much better if I’m going oriental.

All of those things filled up my day. Add in some E playing Ratchet and Clank and a bit of tweaking to my collectics blog, and now its time for bed. Good night smile


Weddings are so much fun.

you two looked so nice on your wedding day. prheart

Just saying hi to one of my favorite girlies. fishy

Yeah for weddings! smile I would love to see your out of town newsletter - the link on your wedding site doesn’t work. It slooks cool from the screenshot!