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blog reminiscing

Gina is reminiscing about the early days of blogging. I’m happy to be a part of those early days, even though I’m even happier to be a blogger in the days of comments rather than the initial "make a comment on your blog about what someone said on theirs." laughing

Some of the earlier bloggers I mentioned from my "circle of blogs" in Gina’s comments were Laura, Christie, kathy-bella, my zalary-love, Candi, Kellea, Eden and Shannon. I know there were others, but those were the names I thought of easily.


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Kellea can be found at Her Blog

Ahhh... I remember those days. I first read your site around the same time as Zalary’s. Laura was one of the first people I ever blogged about - I think she is in my 2nd post ever or something like that! Ahhh... those were the days... wink

love you still.

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