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leonard update

Leonard’s been at home all weekend - they let him out of the hospital friday afternoon. Breathing a bit better. But basically, he’s just waiting to see the specialist at OHSU so they can look at what is really going on and then what his options are. Maybe a small surgery or maybe full blown open-heart surgery.

Leah is being such a cutie - she’s starting to imitate what we do. This weekend, she started waving at us. smile Its SO fun! Her word this weekend was Maamaamammamamamaaa as nice as loud as she could - she wants to be part of the conversations, too.

Probably some time this week, I’m gonna go over to their house and get Money 98 (they’ve got Win98, and I had a copy of Money 98 from my old computer, so that’s what they are getting. LOL!) set up for them. They are having a hard time figuring out what should be an account and what should be put where. So hopefully my knowledge from doing it myself will be enough to help get them up and running and categorizing their expenses. I am a big over-categorizer, and enjoy making sure that everything is divided up correctly. Not that I do a lot with that info, but Money and online bank accounts with export push me along nicely. smile

So pretty much, we are waiting and praying that all will be well. Not far from normal, now, is it?!


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I’ll keep the prayers coming - I hope everything ends up ok! Sending you all lots of heart!

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