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new skin: based on vday skin

My valentine’s design stayed up a little longer than I planned because last week was so crazy. But I think that I made up for with my new version of the vday skin. Its the same structure as the vday skin, but lighter, with stripes, and springtime colors to accent it. I really like how it turned out. smile

Set your skin to Lined Springtime Geekyness

I kept this as the new default, but added the old default gray and white one back as an option as well.

Inspiration: Last week, miss m'lissa posted a link to Radek’s Newspaper styles for Feed Demon. I’d seen some of them during the beta testing, but hadn’t checked them out lately. His Radek(stripes) was close to what I was looking for, and then I spent a whole evening customizing it until it was what I really wanted. The stripes in the background had me wanting to use subtle grays, whites, and stripes.

What do you think? smile


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I had been using the "half 'n half" skin, but I really like this new one. The colors are subtle enough so that they don’t hurt the eyes. I really, really like it. Good job.

i really like the new one too! hope things are going okay for you and the fam this week!

I’m so happy to get to keep this layout for a while longer! The colors remind me of Easter eggs. Once again, you’ve done some beautiful work. smileheart

Love the new skin! heart

I love this one! But help - every time I try and change the skin, it never sticks. And I don’t know what I do wrong! LOL I check out the one I want, and then go to the main page. It keeps the skin I choose until I close the window and come back. What step am I missing?

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