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default skin

For a few days, the default skin is valentine-y smile What fun!!! heart


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I heart it! Beautiful! I hope it (or a version of it) sticks around after Valentine’s Day.

Ooh! This is gorgeous. I hope it sticks around too, I love all the tabby things. I just love your style. heartheartheartheartheartheart

Thanks girls smile They usually find a way of being turned into a long-term design... I think that every valentine’s design has stuck around for quite a while. blush I can’t help it, I heart hearts!!!

I heart it too!


Oooh, this is lheartverly! I hope it stays, too! smile

What will you do to the design when it’s time for Groundhog Day?

Very cute! How did you make the big quotation marks? I like them. And the rounded corners are lovely. Good job smile

Wow, Kristine, you’ve done it again! I am totally amazed by all of your designs...how do you do it?! I love the rounded corners - so nice to have something optimized for Mozilla! My only note is that the textarea I’m writing this in (the main comment form) extends into the right sidebar...I’m sure this was unintentional! Could it be related to the larger font size? If the textarea is a certain number of columns, and the font size is larger than normal, that might push the box out of bounds.

(Psst, Pauly, Groundhog Day is over. February 2nd.)

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