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Where is this week going?! Its already Wednesday, how did that happen? I’ve been busy. Working on a variety of projects, enough to give me a bit of stress. But I’m trying to calmly make it through the list of things to do!

My brother Leonard is at the hospital right now - he had a dr. appt on monday, and they said he had an ear infection - he was already having a harder time breathing, so that’s why he went. Since he’s been taking antibiotics for the ear infection, his breathing has gotten worse. He had an oxygen treatment of some sort last night and it didn’t increase his blood oxygen levels like it should. A chest x-ray showed some blockage or fluid or something at the top of his lungs. So they are doing a cat scan this afternoon to get a closer look at what is going on. My prayers are working on overtime until I hear what they find out.


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Gracious! That seems rather sudden...hope all is ok.

Keeping him in my thoughts. *hugs*

i hope everything is okay too! hopefully they’ll get you some answers soon.

I’ll be thinking of you and your family! heart

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