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font resizing

Kristine’s tip of the evening, brought to you by the letters L and S

Ctrl+Scrolly-wheel changes the font size in webpages. of course, with a few exceptions here and there, and much better supported by Mozilla-type browsers than IE.

Leonard and Sarah were trying to read a webpage and the letters were so little that they couldn’t see it! So they called and asked me because they’d seen me change sizes on mine. smile

I figured this tip could be useful to others who hadn’t noticed this neato happening, so you get a rambley almost-asleep post about it. wink

Scrolly wheel vs. scroll wheel—I like how scrolly comes off my tongue, so its what I have referred to it as since I got one! I have two scrolly wheels - one on my mouse (Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel - and one on my keyboard on the left side. Its SO handy. smile


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Woah! That is pretty neat! I’m really glad you mentioned this because chances are that sometime in the future, I would somehow accidentally perform this action without knowing it and never figure out what happened to the fonts. LOL

Cool! I never noticed that. Thanks for the tip. It will come in handy I’m sure.

That is VERY exciting! smile I’m very glad to know that. I can always count on you for cool stuff. laughing

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