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firefox and thunderbird

New versions of my fav browser and email client:
Firefox 0.8 (previously Mozilla Firebird) is now available.
Thunderbird 0.5 is also out.

So far, both are looking pretty good! I need to update my theme for Firefox, but most of my extensions still work, and Thunderbird is checking my mail just peachily. smile

[news first seen at anything but ordinary. smile ]


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I have to admit, I went back to Safari for awhile at home because it was too slow. Yesterday I was all excited to download Firefox (what a nice icon!) and bam, it didn’t work. Luckily, a nice guy told me how to fix it and I’ve been using it again and I love it. Thunderbird I’m not so in love with but who knows, maybe in time my wishlist will get done. blush

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