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fonty goodness

Ooooh, I really like PizzaDude’s Malonia voigo - his newest for-purchase font.

I think that this year, I want to invest in some really nice fonts that I really like. At least one of the Font Diner sets simply must be in that category. And very possibly Typadelic’s script collection. Oh, maybe some Letterhead Fonts; I’ve seen several that would inspire a whole layout perfectly.

Drool... me likey fonts. tounge out


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Malonia Voigo is way cute! smile And ever since you mentioned Font Diner the other day, I’ve been itching to buy one of their sets. The only problem is, I can’t decide which one to get. ;)

I’d have to add Blue Vinyl Fonts to the buying list, but I agree with your selections too. laughing I wish Font Diner had a grab bag collection where you could pick 5 from any collection because the ones I really want are scattered among all the collections, and I can’t afford them all. I’d like to just have one of everything at Typadelic. I’m a sucker for script and handwriting fonts.

Those little spiral things almost look like my tattoo. blush I loooove all your font links.

Oh yeah, Brandy, Blue Vinyl has a really pretty one called Delorita that I really like, too. smile
And I’m totally with you about wanting a variety of fonts from between the packages on Font Diner!

Oh, yum! There is nothing as great as some nice fonts! smile I need to start building up my collection again!

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