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family stuff

Matthew and Lisa are back safely. I don’t think that any specific punishments were given. That’s frustrating to me. We all kinda went off on Matthew to make sure he knew how worried we were. He claims that he was just going for the weekend, because he had never had a chance to go surfing before. Durh.

Sarah’s getting into the wedding planning mode now; I have several things I need to be putting together before we see each other next time - I designed the background for the invitations already, and we’ve tested out the velum printing.

L and S came and had dinner and spent the evening with us on Saturday night, and then we went over to my parents on Sunday. So I had a busy weekend, and I was pretty sore by the evening tomorrow. But luckily, I feel a bit better now. Except for my cold toesies... I should go find some socks smile


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I’m thinking of you, hon. Glad Matthew’s home safe and sound.

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