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Another Matthew update

Lisa is on her way to CA with Travis (her boyfriend). Mom said that "Lisa was insistent" that she had to be the one to go. Which is silly, who is the parent?? Lisa’s never driven that many hours straight (its about 12) and Travis doesn’t have a license, so he’s no help. Dad, on the other hand, drives that many hours in a row frequently, at least a few times a month.

My parents are so selfish sometimes. The talk dad had with Lisa about it being her fault were mean. The fact that Mom and Dad didn’t go to get him has got to have Matthew wondering if they care. :sigh: I’m just not sure what they are gonna even do when he gets home; mom sounded reluctant todo more counseling, but what is the other option? There really isn’t. The cops could have charged him for paraphenelia (I’m a goodie-goodie, so I don’t know if I spelled that right wink ) but they didn’t, and I almost wish they had so that he would have a consequence to his actions.

Leonard and me both had good conversations with Matthew in the last week and a half. He seemed happy last weekend, and even held Leah for a while. Leonard asked him to go to a Blazer game with him soon, and he was excited about that. He played my game over here the other night, and didn’t seem angry or looking to act out. So the most logical explanation for this runaway thing is peer pressure. I just want to shake him and say "WHY"! Explain to him how much I love him, and how scared I was for him out on his own. Show him the inside of my tummy where it felt like I was getting electrocuted as I stressed about the situation.

So I’m not so happy with my parents right now. I’m glad we are postponing family dinner until Sunday because I may be more calm by that time. Leonard and Sarah are coming over here mid-afternoon to do some low-key hanging out, and maybe some wedding stuff. And they are bringing potatoes and salad, so we’ll have dinner. Leah hugs are probably the cure to any sadness, anyhow. New Leah desktop pictures sure do make me smile. laughing I have one now with the dress we got her for Christmas, chewing on her favorite butterfly book. Its precious. smile

Tomorrow, I need to straighten up the house; maybe get E to vacuum the stairs. Find the box of wedding stuff that isn’t at easy access—the pew bows are in there, and I want to see how they look even after being stored that long. Finish making an opening into my craft closet so Sarah can come in too smile Do it all slowly as to not be stressful.

And that’s what’s going on. What an odd day.


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I’m glad they’ve found him. I’m thinking of you and your family, and praying especially that Matthew feels safe when he gets home.

wow... i can’t believe it! i’m so glad that they found him safe. i’m thinking positive thoughts for your family right now... heart heart heart *hugs*

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you all that it turns out for the best, and that Lisa and Matthew arrive home safely!

I missed the earlier entries somehow - so I was floored reading about Lisa being on her way to go get him...I’m so glad he’s all right!

I’m so sorry, hon. I know what it’s like to look at a little brother you helped raise, and have known every second of his life turn into someone you don’t know.

I’m praying for Matthew, and I’m going to tell my best friend and have her pray, too.

Poor, messed-up Matt. I bet he’s just the greatest kid, under all this angst!

you must be exhausted after the last couple of days. i’m thinking of you, good luck with the family.

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