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virus warning

Keep an eye out - I have had at least 100 emails this evening with the Novarg virus. The screwy thing is, they are disguising the filenames by using things like

doc.htm                                        .pif

so that the real extension doesn’t show up in the emails as easily.

The email addresses they are coming to are kinda random, like peter at love-productions dot com and other random first names that don’t follow a pattern. Not addresses I’ve ever used. The return addresses are random first names at big company names like netscape and comcast and acme.

From the Symantic page, it looks like the virus is through 2-12-04, so update your virus scans!


I’ve been getting those too - random first names at amanita.net. I’ve been deleting them on sight; I use Mozilla Mail so I’m not too worried about anything spreading. computer