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snow pics

Since amancay pinged me with her forums with snow pictures, I thought I’d point out the ones I took today. She’s even further into the snowed-in-country, I believe! The ice is still really thick here, and its questionable if things will be open tomorrow or stay closed again.

click for larger images

E stayed home again today. Leonard had me figure out what buses he would have to take to get to work tomorrow (if the times are closed to right, it means getting on the bus at 5:20 and not getting to work until around 7; and that’s if there’s no delay because of snow! It’s normally about a 15 minute drive). Megan had school monday, but not yesterday or today, and so she’s been staying in and staying warm. Lisa has chains for her tires, so she’s been driving to work. My dad is a big dork who thinks the weather can’t hurt him, and he’s somewhere between Wenatchee and Spokane, where its even colder and snowier. He says he’ll be okay because people out there know more about driving in the snow, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying!

So I’ve been a bit off, without being able to go outside and with E here to nap with me; makes me more lazy, I do believe!!


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