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sg1 pics

About Sci-Fi: Stargate SG-1 Picture Gallery—oh, I like! I’d seen this season 8 pic, and kinda thought it was funny that only RDA wasn’t wearing sleeveless. But this version is way better. smile

If I had to pick one that I like a whole lot, it would be this out of character image. smile I can’t help it, I’m a hopeless romantic. smile

The 2nd half of the season starts friday. I’m way excited, even moreso after watching the preview about 100 times in between other things; I’ve tried to stay spoiler free except for that, but I’m *so* curious about a certain kiss in the preview. wink


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I know what you mean about that kiss! It’s got me curious too. laughing

Are you having trouble with your site and/or e-mail? I’m very concerned and I haven’t been able to reach Christine or anybody else at Blogomania. You can keep in touch with me via my LiveJournal for now, which includes directions on sending me e-mail.

Okay, nevermind. Problem solved. Heh!

I love that picture with Sam’s head on O'Neill’s shoulder too. Also for the fact that Teal'C has a huge smile on his face and I love it when his character smiles.

kiss what kiss UGGGGGG thats it i am buying all the box sets. i saw pics of sam and jack smooching in what looks like a locker room is that sgc? can someone PLEASE tell me what episode that was. OH GOD i wish i was her lol all i can say is HOT HOT YUUMMYYYYYYYY

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