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new skin: half n half

I’m feeling restless about the skins on my blog. I started on several ideas last weekend, and then finally picked one to replace the holiday skin. I’m gonna use it for a few days and decide if its default-skin-worthy. As of this moment, I like it. laughing

This one is called Half 'n Half because its half one color/half another color. There’s no screenshot of it yet. I didn’t have photoshop open and so I’ll do it tomorrow!

Feel free to visit the skins page and pick the one you like best. smile And then maybe if you want, post a comment about which one you are using. Good feedback usually helps me decide what to keep and loose and what is a nice element that should be in future skins!


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It’s cute. I like the purple. prheart I think I’ll stick with the basic grey and white, though. I like the orange and green. smile

Oooh! I love it. I’m sticking with this one for a while.

it’s lovely. i think i’ll use this one for a while. smile

Ooh, very nice skin. cherries Before I was using basic gray and white, then G is for gray before that. Those are my faves. I just love your style. smileheartbug

It is one of the cleanest blog skins that I have seen in a long time. The lighter color on the left makes for logical reading for us left to right readers.

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