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snow and sleep

I’m such a big dork. I went to lay in bed to read for just a bit before falling asleep, and ended up finishing the whole book. Now i just realized that I probably wasn’t sleepy enough to fall asleep because I forgot to take my drugs around midnight when I normally do. Doh! So its 5AM, and I’m still awake (I’ve been going to sleep between 2 and 4, depending on my nap schedule). I took my drugs now. But I do believe I’m gonna be tired today, since I must be up by noon and showered because my groceries are coming!

It snowed today. Everything looked like it had been powdered-sugared, and now there’s still about an inch out there. Its been so cold the last few days that its no surprise that snow came! But since I rested much of the day and didn’t go outside, I didn’t know it had snowed until Sarah told me that Leonard was out making a snowman! They are a bit higher up in elevation, so they got more snow.

Yesterday, I spent the day over at their new home (well, new to them) helping Sarah and Megan unpack. Its so exciting to see them get some place bigger than their teeny apartment. This is much nicer; there’s enough room on the livingroom floor for Leah and her toys and Jack (the dog) can still walk around her!

E is in CA, getting ready to go to Sacramento for a friends wedding. He flew to his parents house, though, so they are driving from LA area to Sacramento together. Good thing he has a Game Boy with him to be entertained! So I’m home alone for a few days. Which is why I didn’t realize how late it was when I was reading - time doesn’t flow the same way when I’m home alone for so many hours!

Now my drugs may be starting to kick in, so maybe I’ll go climb back into my warm bed, but not bring a book with me this time wink hee hee.


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We got snow too! blush It’s just so beautiful with everything covered in white.

Happy New Year, sweetie! fishy

Happy New Year! Hope all your wishes come true smile

Just wanted to wish you a VERY happy 2004! luvya

I hope you are doing ok with all of the snow. Isn’t it crazy? laughing

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