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2 days after

Two days after Christmas, my true love gave to me...
a day to play and relax! smile

This has been a busy busy week. Every spare moment has been spent doing *something*. No extra naps or down time like my cfids-body needs. But it was a happy week. I got to see Leah and Sarah and Leonard several times over the days before Christmas.

Not so happy was Monday afternoon spent at work. That was really tiring. And it sounds like there are still some issues that I need to log in and figure out if I can fix from here or if I have to go in tomorrow.

Tuesday, I baked cookies and started wrapping presents. Wednesday, I finished wrapping presents and then we spent the evening with my family, eating absolutely succulent Prime Rib and potatoes and bread and stuff. Opened sibling presents (from each of us kids to another), and that’s so much fun for me. I love seeing how they like the things I picked out for them. It was great fun to see Leah opening presents. She’s just learning how to use TWO hands when she can’t do it with one. And the wrapping paper and ribbons were just as entertaining to her as the tree and lights, although we did have to keep her from chewing the paper up!

Thursday was Christmas, and I slept much longer than I thought I would! E and I opened our presents and then the ones from his family. Megan worked on Christmas since she had Thanksgiving off, so we didn’t get together until after 3. We opened presents from my parents and hung out and ate leftovers. We left earlier than usual, since Sarah wasn’t feeling so well, and I was worn out!

And since then, I’ve been reading (I reread Twin Of Ice/Twin of Fire and The Awakening [+]) and playing my new game and most of all, napping and sleeping a lot. I spent a little bit of time cleaning up the office today, since it was present-central and had paper and tags and boxes all over it. You can actually walk in here again!

This evening, I caught up on my newsreads and replied to some posts on the MT forums for a while, while listening to E play Final Fantasy X-2, his new game. Its cool because its actually a sequel to FFX, and before, there haven’t been (many) characters who were in multiple games. I like Yuna and Rikku in FFX, so its fun to see them more in this one.

More thoughts and stuff about presents to come. smile smile smile


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I was crippled from what I was told and thought was cfids for 5 years until I figured out that it’s actually lyme disease. Check it out. Look it up. Get to a real lyme literate doc and start treatment. It’s not easy and takes a while but I have my life back. This is my new years gift to you as it was given to me. smile

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