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blogshares plugin

Just in case someone else gets errors like this on their blog, here’s the legwork I did to fix mine...

Robyn was a sweetheart and pointed out that I was getting an error message when posting comments.

mismatched tag at line 28, column 123, byte 1429 at
/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.6.1/i386-linux/XML/Parser.pm line 185
and so on

After searching the MT forums for a while, I found a post where I had the same sort of error when using the PingedURLs plugin. But I couldn’t find anywhere I was still using that plugin.

My Index templates weren’t rebuilding, so one by one, I rebuilt them until I found that my blogshares plugin template was the one causing the error.

Ahhhh, the blogshares site is down for good, so it was erroring out.

All is well again in Kristine-land. smile


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So glad it was an easy fix!!! smile

I hadn’t realized Blogshares closed down - that’s too bad. It seemed like it had good potential, but so many things in the blogging world are profoundly ephemeral.

i wish i was able to turn my blogshares money into real money!

btw b$ is back online but rayners plugin ain’t workin ! sad

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