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I’ve been rather lethargic today. No energy or focus to work on a single project, just napping and flitting from thing to thing.

Since I feel a bit negative, I think I’ll feel better listening to some good music and making a list of positive things. smile I haven’t done participation positive for a while, but every week when I get the notification, I think of them in my head.

  • When people come to my house, they say "Wow, it always smells so good in here." I love hearing that, and lighting my candles makes me smile because I know that contributes to the happy smell. Last night and tonight, I started my Tart Burner with a Honeydew Melon tart, and its just divine!

  • E is so wonderful, and after having him gone for a few days, I’m even more thankful for his love. smile

  • I actually have ideas for almost everybody’s Christmas presents, which is a miracle because I just started planning last week. Yeah, slowpoke me. Since I have about 10 tabs open with links, I’m gonna re-start my lovelinks: Gift Ideas category like I did last year. MT really does power my life. smile

  • Good music while surfing is the best. Sarah, Natalie, Vanessa, Michelle, Jennifer Knapp, Avril, Poe, Tara, Evanescence, Beth Orton. What more could a girl want?! BTW, Natalie Imbruglia - Talk in Tongues is fun to harmonize with.

  • My brother’s house stuff is going so well, so all our fingers are crossed that they find out from the bank if it all goes through in the next few days—if so, they’re gonna do a fast move so they can get money back from their rent at their current place. smile

  • 2 naps, over 2 hours each. Just today. laughing

So I’ve been looking for presents for the last few hours, so I think I’m gonna relax for a bit and play my game, and then go to bed. smile


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