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lazy busy girl

While E has been gone to his family’s home in CA, I’ve been so lazy. Keeping myself busy watching movies and resting and a bit of cleaning and watching too much VH1. Ya know, when you haven’t watched all these celebrity shows and spend the weekend learning about the Big things of 2003 and E’s programs on the Hilton sisters and Allie Hilfiger and all sorts of that silly stuff, you feel so "informed". wink Hee hee.

I was hoping that maybe I’d get my sleep schedule back in a more normal place, but then I had a really bad migraine on Friday night/Sat morning—and so instead of going to sleep early like I wanted to, I was up most of the night in pain. Ick. I wish my zomig kicked in faster!

My bathroom sink was icky... I didn’t realize it until I started cleaning it! I put all my makeup away in the drawer instead of just all over the counter, and even hung up some clothes. Silly me, I went ahead and put my Christmas lights on my dresser between my pictures. I like using white lights as accents year round, actually. They add a really nice touch to several places of my house, all curled around and sparkling around plants and books and little shelfs. They aren’t plugged in yet, since I need to find an extension cord, but I’m ready for December, apparently. Ahhh, I just noticed - it IS December now. laughing

E got to go to some weddings while down south... I love going to weddings, so I missed out! His cousin that’s close in age got married, but I’ve never met any of the cousins on that side. E says he wasn’t very nice to him as a kid, which is too bad since they were only 6 months apart. My kids better be nice to their cousins. :giggle:

Must go do some tweaking with Firebird and Thundbird, since I got the newest versions to try and squelch some bugs I was seeing before. So I’m starting a new Firebird profile which means I need to get some of my extensions again. smile

And that’s the story!


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Sounds like we’re both husbandless right now. I feel so "lost" when he’s gone... You’re getting a lot more accomplished with your free time than I am though! wink

Sounds like we’re both husbandless right now. I feel so "lost" when he’s gone... You’re getting a lot more accomplished with your free time than I am though! wink



Ugh - I hate it when I get migraines like that! Hope you’re feeling much better now and enjoying catching up on all the entertainment goodness (or badness) out there! I can’t wait to get my holiday decorations up - thinking of your lights has me quite motivated!

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