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cds and jennifer knapp

I accidently kept my sisters Jennifer Knapp CD when she was over here today—so I figured that I might as well rip it so I had the songs I was missing. So about an hour ago, I started it copying. Its STILL not done. Holy Cow. I knew this was a slow CD ROM, but wow. So I went to check on the info on the CD ROM, and its a 4x4x32. No wonder its slow! See, I had a nice CD-RW. My leg slipped one day, and I knocked it and boom, it was broken. I felt really bad. But we got me a replacement, same one with a cute silver faceplate that matched my computer. After a pretty short while, it was being flakey, and then we realized it wasn’t writing to the CDs even though the lights blinked and it said it was suceeding. Of course, the really short short warentee was up by then.

So I gave up. No CD-RW for me for right now. Last time E had my computer open, he put his extra drive into mine; it was in his server computer, and he didn’t really need it right now. This was the first time I used it for anything but installing programs, and wow, I’m still on 12/15 songs in the ripping process!

Anyhow, this is an album that I’m gonna have to own. Its a wonderful collection of my favorite songs she has, and since I don’t own another album yet, its a great time to add a collection to my wishlist. smile


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I’ve been wanting to get that cd too... she’s so amazing, great gal!

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