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I am such an idiot. Oh, I’m just so upset with myself right now. I was sitting here installing some programs that weren’t on my new system yet, and I had just taken one CD out and getting the next one down, and my leg slipped and hit the corner of the cd-tray. It just barely hit the corner, but now it won’t go back in. I want to cry. sad

I could just kick myself. I know better than to leave the tray open for any reason. I know better than to be so clutzy. Its brand new, I got it for Christmas. And damn it, my plans for a relaxing weekend included playing CivIII and loosing myself in games, which I can’t do now since I am an idiot and broke my CD drive. Oh, I’m so mad. The instant I did it, the stress all went to my right eye where the headache already was, and so not only do I feel awful from hitting it, my eye is gonna start twitching from the frustration.

GRrrr... And its gonna make E feel bad, too. sad I’m such a retard. sad


Ohhhhh...CRAP! Having taken a spill off the couch while dusting and putting my foot through the LCD monitor of a less-than-a-year-old laptop (which would only have cost $1100 to replace if we wanted to fix THAT one), I feel your pain. Let me ask Todd if he has any ideas. He used to do general tech support and build the darn things. I’m SO sorry!

Oh, that’s right sad I remember you telling me that sad That sucks even more. Thanks for asking Todd for me. I don’t know if E has anybody who works at his job that actually repairs things (I think they just buy new stuff for the businesses who break things), but maybe he’ll have someone who can look at it there too. sad Blech. What a frickin' pain. I cause too many problems. sad

I hate this feeling of being even clutizer than normal sad sad sad This kinda stuff just makes me want to stay in bed and not come out until I feel more stable in my movements, ya know? :sigh:

Ok, just got off the phone with Todd. Bad news, it’s most likely hosed. Good news, you’re not going to "break" it more if it’s already broken. He says to try and force it to close manually. There is a chance it just got knocked off track somehow, and a little forced nudge might jar it back into place and it will work again. If that doesn’t work, he says check your warranty. With a computer that new, there’s every chance they will replace it. I’m sorry! sad sad sad

Thanks a bunch for checking, Robyn... smile
but :sigh: That’s what I was afraid of . I did try to push it back in but not too hard. I think I’ll let E look at it before I do that smile Maybe he can take it out of the case and jiggle it just right back onto the track. Because that does make sense that it would be off the track, since I just hit one side of it.

The CDRW itslef is what’s new in my system, and I’m looking for the box to see what the warentee said. Maybe we can at least check with Best Buy and see how much thye woul charge to fix it - might be less than buying a new one..


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