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Fonts for Programmers?

Fonts for Programmers?

can [someone] suggest a good typeface for programmers 'who sit in front of monitors for 30 hours a day.'

Ohhhh, I’ve looked for alternates to Courier New, but hadn’t found one I liked enough to change in my editors. I downloaded Anonymous, the 4 Proggy fonts, RzFont, a few Linux core fonts, ProFont and Sheldon. I looked for the Vera Sans fonts that were mentioned, but I didn’t find a link to download them on Bitstream’s page. Oh, okay, I see them here. If you want any of the Microsoft Core Fonts that aren’t available through MS anymore, including Andale Mono, you can check this site.

So yeah, now I have a few to pick from. :giggle:


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I downloaded the proggy and it is so nice to look at another font. I’ve already set my 2 main editors to use the new font here at work, where I program visual basic 8 hours every day. Thank you so much for the links.

Actually, I’ve always been kind of partial to Terminal. I don’t know why...it’s just a nice, clean, sans-serif font. I like it. smile

I’ve been looking for a good coding font as well, with very limited success. I like Andale Mono, except for the fact that it puts a dot in the middle of zero’s. I tried all the ones you linked to above, but they all had something that just didn’t feel quite right.

Ah, well. Maybe someday we’ll find the perfect coding font. smile

I love the fonts! =) Thanks for the link. flower

Oh! NEW FONTS!!! I can’t WAIT! Thank you for sharing the links - I heart new fonts!

Try http://www.procon.com.au/Fonts.htm for the HVRaster and HVEdit (TrueType) fonts. Best Delphi, VB and VC programmers fonts I’ve seen. I use the HVRaster font in VB, Java anc C++ coding and wouldn’t go back to old "spider web" fonts again.

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