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yeah, I am still here!

wow, how on earth has it been days since I posted? I don’t know where those days went!

Friday night, I had a fever, but only for like 4-6 hours. It was very odd, I was shivering, and E said I was burning up, so after a nap, I got back up to take my drugs and I think I actually blacked out momentarily sitting here at my desk. I stumbled to the couch, and laid there to try and regain my balance, and then I started to feel hot and finally took off my jacket! I slept on the couch for an hour or so before going back to bed. And woke up feeling fine. How odd is that?!!

Saturday, we spent much of the day with my family. Played pictionary with Leonard and Sarah (with Leah watching us) and ate some interesting food my dad was trying out—the garlic mashed potatoes were superb!

Today, I napped for quite a bit of the day, and then Leonard and Sarah came over to relist their ebay auctions with my help, and they brought pizza and a movie, so we spent the evening with them. It was great fun.

I have theories about Charmed, and I am trying so hard to stay spoiler free. Tonight re-confirmed them, even though I had thrown a certain theory out. Didcha know that Holly Marie Combs is pregnant? I’m so curious to see what happens next, even though I know we’ll have a few weeks of nothingness because of the holidays (all shows tend to break around this time, but its hard to guess when they’ll be back—with the exception of Charmed tonight, none of my other regular shows have episodes on this week, reruns OR new ones)

I need to be researching arteriosclerosis for a project my sister is working on. I have some info now on my printer, but hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. She’s on break now, but she’s been sick for much of the week, so I’m hoping that she’ll feel better fast because I know she has a lot to do. I would absolutely love to be able to go out with her at some point during her break, but she’s so stressed and stuff that I’m not sure if that’s gonna work or not.

I did write a really long post on friday about what I wanted to buy at Lane Bryant, but then my computer crashed. I forgot about that until now. One of the things was a Burn out velvet top in cranberry with a v-neck trimmed in satin ribbon; another was a Romantic rose print satin top that looks like it would be a bit more roomy for my body type, but still the similar colors and v-neck. Oh, and look at these Old Navy pants—Women’s essentail lace-up trousers—they have little satin ribbons on the sides, I love that!!! I’m a sucker for satin ribbon on anything, and always have to look at it to see if by chance it would fit me. Anyhow, if I don’t find some new overalls to replace the ones I have, I’m gonna have to get some more shirts to go with the pants that do fit me. And I seriously need new bras—2 of mine that still fit have broken underwires now. 2 others are way too tight, but I squeeze into them anyhow. Which leaves 1 or 2 that are tight but wearable. So I need another couple that are bigger. I’m the kinda girl who likes to wear things forever; and when I buy something new, I hate to retire the something old. smile So a lot of my t-shirts are from high school or college that I got in XL then. LOL! If I thought that my budget could do it, I’d get some pants from J.Jill because they all look so soft and luxuriously comfy.

:sigh: I’m not quite tired yet, although I wish I was so I could get up earlier tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go get caught up on the forums before bed. smile


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I’m so glad you didn’t end up sick this weekend!

And I love those lace-up pants! I think I’m going to have to buy myself a pair - if we ever meet in real life, we’ll have to make sure we don’t wear the same pants, LOL!

I think we have similar taste in clothes. I tried on both of those tops the last time I was in Lane Bryant. smile The velvet top was wonderful, and I think I’ll be hinting to my mom that it would make a wonderful Christmas present. The rose print top felt nice, but it’s much prettier in the picture than it was in person. At least, I thought so. Of course, it was still pretty enough that I tried it on. laughing

I love those trousers! They look sexy but comfy, too ~ a great combination! smile I’m sorry that you weren’t feeling well. That is truly strange ~ I wonder what happened? Maybe you had a touch of a flu bug? Anyway, get better soon ~ and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

lol I WORK at Lane Bryant! If you have any questions about how the clothes actually are fit wise, if they run big/small, the body types it is suited for etc, just let me know!! heh actually I might even have some coupons for some percentage off if you purchase online.. oh I am babbly! As for bras... what size are you? at LB bras are buy one get one half off lol

I missed the last two episodes of charmed! Could you fill me in on what is going on? I know they are supposed to write in Holly’s pregnancy so I am awaiting how that will go.

Also lol as I ask even more, where can I find the recipe for the garlic mashed potatoes you were praising? They sound nummy!

I really enjoyed Charmed last night, but I’m trying hard to keep from speculating *too* much about what’s going on. Of course, since you have theories, I’d love to know what you’re thinking! If you have some time, drop me a line and tell me what’s brewing in that head of yours! smile

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